The Brief: 
To promote the career opportunities available within KJVG to targeted local, national and international recruitment campaigns to attract talent to the Gorgon Project through:
• Targeted employer brand messaging system.
• Targeted unique creative strategy concept.
• Creative to work across offline and online applications.
• Custom developed employer brand engagement strategies to create a unique employer brand positioning.
I wrote the campaign tagline and art directed the design applications and photoshoot, in my role of Design Manager at Chameleon Creative.
Campaign branding - naming and lockup
Exhibition Stand for London Recruitment Fair
Promotional Sunscreen Tubes for London Recruitment Fair
The event was held in the UK winter. This clever, inexpensive promo item was designed to entice the best recruits to work in sunny Perth
Recruitment Teaser Ads
Recruitment Site - Desktop
Recruitment Site - Tablet
Recruitment Site - Mobile
Finalised Campaign Ad - and a true story.
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